Step 1 : Become client

Create your client account by clicking on “Connect”, you account will be approved in less than 48 hours.


Step 2 :

Browse / Have a look on our website and select the products and quantities you want in your container. Our MOQ per item is only one carton per reference. The prices will be automatically calculated according to the Incoterm you will choose when creating your client account.   


Step 3 :

Once you had a at least a product to your container/cart, you can choose the type of container you need for your order by clicking on the icon « container ». 


Step 4 :

You can preview your order by clicking on « container ». You will be able to modify or delete some items from your container.


Step 5 :

After reaching a full container, you can validate your order. You will receive a purchase confirmation with your order reference number.


Step 6 :

The payment term will be decided between you and our sales team which will get in touch with you ASAP.


Step 7 :

You will receive your container within 4 to 8 weeks depending on where you are located.


NB :

  1. Your order can’t be approved unless the container reaches 95% of it’s capacity filled (except for LCL containers).
  2. There’s no pre-booking possible. If you start an order and do not finish it, the next time you will log-on into your account the stocks will be updated according to the availability left.
  3. You can put on hold your on-going order and start it again by clicking on the container.